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  • Get database version in Rails

    For one of my applications, I recently created a status report page which shows crucial information for debugging, including software versions, service connectivity and filesystem path writability. One of the items was a database version string, and the standard ActiveRecord interface does not support this concept. While version methods usually exist in the connection adapters,…

  • Optimising index view performance

    I recently came across a scenario where my index views in Rails were taking a long time to render when there were large data sets. The problem stemmed having a lot of data presented that were from models/tables other than the primary model/table of interest. For example, an “asset” index view may have the following…

  • Mocking instances created via ActiveRecord’s find

    Most Ruby mocking frameworks have the ability to mock a new object created via a constructor. However, when an object is created via ActiveRecord’s find or find_by_* methods, the .new method isn’t invoked. Instead, the .instantiate method is called. For example, to specify :instantiate as the object creation method using FlexMock: